Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The King's Speech

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I decided 30 minutes before showtime to see this movie yesterday, despite the fact that I have no more fun money. Despite the fact that I think movie tickets cost too much. Despite the fact that there was a good chance the theater would be empty for the first show of the day.

You see, I saw this movie once about two friends who went to see a movie. Their theater? Empty. During the previews, a man came in. He moved closer and closer to the girls throughout the movie, and then sorta killed 'em as the credits rolled. You think I'm kidding, but the few times I've ended up in an empty theater, I've remembered that movie and had to fight the urge to go ask for my money back. Once the five couples in front of me (none of whom looked quite like killers) bought tickets for "The King's Speech", I felt better.

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, the movie. Yall, it. was. fabulous. Fabulous-o! So good I want to see it again. It was nominated for some Golden Globes, and I'd be really surprised if it doesn't score some Oscar nominations, too. Colin Firth (who is one of my all-time faves) was absolutely superb as Bertie. No other words to describe him. He was so break-your-heart genuine throughout the movie that it made me want to weep. The story is so very moving and has inspired me to research the real life Bertie. And his speech therapist...my gosh. What an incredible job (a calling, really!) to be able to help someone find their voice. Elizabeth and Sarah, this made me think of you! The theater full of non-killers even started clapping (not killing) as the credits rolled. Go see it...it just may change your life for the better.

Just make sure the theater isn't empty. You know.

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  1. Definitely wanting to see this movie, have heard great things about it! Glad to know you gave it two thumbs up!


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