Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday : spring break-style

Today I am thankful for...
  • the grace of God
  • my sweet, sweet family and friends
  • my health
  • my job
  • the exhausting, 12-hour day I put in today . . . I'm worn out, but I feel very productive and I'm thankful to have a job!
  • my sub plans getting done and my classroom getting cleaned (well, at least it's cleaner than it was)
  • a perfectly-timed, much-anticipated day off tomorrow (post to follow!)
  • a successful Honors Club meeting this afternoon
  • laughter
  • Frank . . . goodness gracious, am I ever crazy about that car!
  • a phone date with my sweet Neeley this weekend
  • good news from Sheila tonight
  • a new job for Olivia . . . answer to a prayer!
  • my Bubba's summer internship news . . . another answered prayer!
  • exclamation points!! It annoys! the stink out of me when people! overuse them and that's exactly! what! I've! done! in this post . . . my apologies (!!!!)
  • Paul McDonald still alive and kickin' on American Idol
  • "springing forward" this weekend . . . so ready for some more sunshine in my life
  • glorious, much-needed spring break (Five years ago, no plans for spring break would've made me feel like a hardcore loser. These days, it makes me want to skip. And sing. And roll around in a grassy meadow . . . and then promptly use my NetiPot, all while swallowing a handful of Zyrtec.)
  • hot showers, and clean, hot water whenever I want it . . . makes this sudden return to winter a little easier to bear
  • warmer weather around the corner
  • the desire to slow down and see the beauty in each moment as it comes


  1. J, you make me laugh! I love your list! I can just imagine you skipping in excitement for a spring break with just rest.
    My spring break begins today. My daughter and I are going to New York. Yippeee!

  2. It was so fun meeting you tonight! My sister took a picture of you with PW. My email address is Email me and I will send it to you!! Have a great weekend :)

  3. I.LOVE.THANKFUL.THURSDAY! (that exclamation was just for you:)) And I am so jealous of your spring break. Doing nothing for an entire week sounds positively heavenly. PLease promise me that I will see you soon....

  4. Thanks for the comments, yall! Annesta, I can't WAIT to read about your NYC jealous :)

    Lauren, it was great to meet you, too. I'll shoot you an email ASAP!

    LA, thank you! for the comment! Spring break has been! fabulous! Phone date this week? Miss! you!!!!! (exclamation points for YOU from're welcome)


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