Saturday, March 12, 2011

The time I met PW

My love for the Pioneer Woman is well-documented. I think she's kinda fabulous. Frank carried me to the big city of Atlanta yesterday to meet PW and get my books signed. It was such a fabulous day.

I did my best to not get run over on the scariest stretch of interstate this girl has ever driven on. I wandered around Atlanta. I killed time people-watching at the mall. I marveled at the hundreds of people waiting in line (many of whom had been waiting 6+ hours) to get their hands on the new iPad. Is it worth all that? Somebody let me know...I know nothing about those newfangled gadgets. I bought a ridiculously cute, on-sale headband at Anthropologie. I visited a two-story Target (I almost took a picture, but didn't want the fancy Buckhead people to know I wasn't one of them).

Once at the bookstore, I made fun new friends in line.

(Ashley, me, Lauren, Lauren's precious little girl...PW loved her bitty skinny jeans!)

We entertained ourselves by reading this book:

(I wish I could go back in time and re-do college: elementary education with a minor in feline aesthetics.)

Winding our way through the aisles, we got our first glimpse of Ree. She was just as precious and chatty and friendly as she is on her blog.

 Finally, it was my turn. I had been racking my brain about what to say to this complete stranger I feel like I already know. I had a really cool, low-key intro planned and then, I threw all that out the window and did this:

I turned into a bumbling goober. Through and through. I mumbled something along the lines of "Oh-my-gosh-I'm-so-excited-to-meet-you-I-drove-all-the-way-from-Birmingham{deep breath}you-look-just-like-your-pictures-I-just-saw-your-boys-they're-so-handsome-I-love-your-website-you-inspired-me-to-start-my-own-blog!" Way to play it cool there, chief! Ree was so sweet and took a few minutes to talk to (or, if they were anything like me, sit and listen to) every. single. person. She asked me where I was from (and even knew how far Bham was from Atlanta) and had a fit over my ring.

We then took our official picture. I got a good laugh when I saw it on my camera. Let me narrate for you:
Ree: Would you like to take a picture?
Julie: Yes! I'm just still kinda nervous.
Ree: Don't be nervous! Just come on in here.
Julie: Thanks, I will. In fact, I'm going to stand as close to you as I possibly can and put my bosoms dangerously close to your face. If we don't take this picture soon, I may even try to climb onto your lap and hug your neck.
Ree: Sounds great! Let's do this.

(Personal space apparently means nothing to me.)

I'm sorry I said bosoms earlier. This is a family won't happen again.

I'm so glad I got to meet her. Definitely worth the trip. On our way out, we spotted Marlboro Man. I snapped a couple of creeper shots from behind a bookshelf because that's how I roll.

Such a fun way to kick off my spring break. Happy Saturday to all!


  1. love it! it was such a fun night! glad you made it back safe and sound!!

  2. I love it! You crack me up. I felt the same way when I met Paula Deen...I somehow talked about salmon patties and peas and carrots from a can...Really?? You are too cute, so fun you got to meet Ree, and I love you got some sneaky shots of Marlboro Man! Happy Spring Break Julie

  3. Blaaahaaa, I love that photo! She is so nice to not mind having you on her lap. You are too cute, was MM signing your book too. What a great start to spring break!

  4. It was so great to meet you! and I love your picture with PW! Even if your bosoms were in her face, at least you have a picture to remember it by! =)

  5. Hey I was there too! I think you must have been only a couple people in front of me because I remember seeing that lady with the baby (Lauren I believe) only a few minutes before it was my turn. Cute blog! I've got some pictures from the Atlanta book signing on my blog as well if you wanna check it out. :-)

  6. Thanks for the comments, yall! It was such a fun night, and my initial feelings of gooberdom have worn off a bit :) That is, until next time I get nervous...once a goober, always a goober!

  7. Ha! love this post. hilarious. the one of you meeting Ree and looking all excited is the best.

  8. Oh my Gosh - I am so JEALOUS


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