Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
  • the grace and blessings of God
  • precious family and friends
  • a job to return to on Monday
  • glorious, fabulous, restful, delightful, sunny spring break
  • beautiful weather
  • more sunshine in the PM hours
  • simplicity
  • an entire day spent with Mimi and Grandad in God's country (aka, Auburn) yesterday...such an to follow
  • some new blog buddies and followers excited to have you onboard!
  • LA's Thankful Thursday post...I'm glad she lets me be her friend :)
  • the much-needed haircut I got today, even though I now look like an older, brunette, decidedly less precious Shirley Temple...thanks for loving me through this
  • Frank, who still makes me excited to drive and gets ridiculously good gas mileage
  • news that my friend Megan, who teaches school in Japan, is safe and doing okay
  • a life that, when compared to much of the world, is undeniably, embarrassingly privileged
  • seeing beauty in the small, mundane things
  • a working dishwasher
  • Paul McDonald making it to the next round on American Idol...I'll never see him and not think of college
  • Mama's long visit with Allie (aka, my Girl Scout Mama) today...makes me happy when my mom's happy
  • this silly little's way more fun than I ever imagined it would be when I first started it
  • my two houseplants that I've managed to keep alive for several years now...they bring me more joy than I ever imagined simple little potted plants could
  • T-fifty or so schooldays until summer break :)



  1. Yay! And I need some advice on mine, if humans, would peobably be in the ICU :( I love you, friend - and I'm glad YOU let ME be your froend!

  2. LA, thanks for the comment :) Comments make me purty durn happy.

    I'd love to give advice on your houseplants. Are you ready? Water them and (hold on to your panties) make sure they get some sunshine. You're welcome!

    I kid. These plants have proven to be virtually indestructible. I'll let you know if I can remember what kind they are...


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