Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nastiness on a Wednesday

You know what's not fun?

Going out for a morning stroll and feeling your foot suddenly slip on something.

Thinking, "Please, oh please, oh please let that be mud!"

Losing your balance and catching yourself with your hand.

The devastating realization that the slippery pile upon which your hand rests is most definitely...not mud.

The desperate search for a spigot outside so that you don't have to wash the...not in one of your recently-cleaned sinks. Not finding a spigot. Lamenting that you'll never again get that sink clean enough. Lamenting that you'll never be able to get that hand clean enough.

Woohoo! Happy Wednesday, yall!

Wishing my spring break had been "not mud"-free,


  1. Yeah, slipping in "not-mud" always stinks.. No pun intended.. Being that I have three dogs that like to "not-mud" in the most inconvenient of locations, I find that happens pretty often.. It's quite disgusting.. Happy Wednesday! =)

  2. Oh no that is no good.At least it was your hand and not your bum that landed in said not-mud. Oookie

  3. Ashley, definitely STUNK and was most definitely inconvenient!

    Val, so true! I'd rather wash "not mud" off my hand instead of trying to get it out of my clothes :)


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