Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say it ain't so!!!

I risk portraying myself here as a geeked-out allergy phobe, but I care not. I have bum sinuses. I come by it honest, though. Everybody in my family has bum sinuses...dadgum genetics. I'm overly sensitive to the following things: grass, leaves, flowers, plants, trees, pollen, dust, cats, sunshine, clouds, oxygen. You know, just everything on this fair planet of ours.

I've had more sinus infections than I can even begin to count. My conversations at the doctor should go something like this: "Alright doc, let's cut to the chase. Save me the copay and that obnoxious throat swab. I've got a sinus infection. You can keep your steroids...I'll never sleep again. I'll need an antibiotic shot and a round of antibiotic pills, stat. See ya again in 3 months."

It's taken me until this year to come up with my plan of attack. This is my arsenal:

(And yes, I just now lined these up in my bathroom and took a picture. This is important stuff!)
(Why is my Wal-Zyr bottle all marked up? It served as a stencil for my springy wreath. Make do with what ya got, friends!)

What else is a girl to do? Seriously, I want advice! What. Else. Can. I. Do? Wear a surgical mask? Avoid breathing so much?

I ask all this because I'm getting a scratchy, sore throat. That's always my sign that sinus trouble is around the corner. Go away! Shoo! I've got too much to do at work! Easter's almost here! I just got over my latest crudfest a few months ago! I'm leaving on a big trip soon! I've got too many exclamation marks to overuse to be sick! (!!!)

I'm hopeful that my arsenal will kick in soon and remind my sinuses what they were put in my head to do. I'm also planning to go to bed, mmmm...about 20 minutes ago, to see if that'll help. Wish me luck!

Oh, and thanks for not judging me for putting a picture of my Neti-Pot on the internet. This is not one of my prouder moments.


  1. Oh, dear one! My heart goes out to you!I too suffer from allergies but have found when I use the flonase every day as a preventative I don't have as many allergy attacks that lead to sinus infections.
    So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Will be praying for a better, healthy day tomorrow.

  2. i am in your boat. bad genetics and crappy allergies. i take a zyrtec every night during allergy season to keep the sinus infections at bay. i typically have one every 2-3 months. ugh. last year when i was preggo i didnt take anything and it about killed me. hang in there!

  3. Neti pot when you feel the tickle and it will clean you out.

  4. Annesta, today was not much better but thanks for the prayers! I just starting taking Flonase after my last bout with this in January, so I guess it at least bought me 3 months :)

    Happy Easter, friend!


  5. Lauren, I can't IMAGINE not being able to take allergy medicine. Misery!

    I hope you have a good, and allergy-free, Easter weekend!


  6. Val, are you a NetiPot girl? I use mine twice a day, every day, and I guess I expect that to prevent sinus infections from ever coming back. I'm still using it, but I may be too far gone for it to help this time :(

    Eh, oh well. Thanks for weighing in! Enjoy your weekend!



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