Monday, June 6, 2011

Various and sundry thoughts on a Monday

I grew up hearing "various and sundry" to describe a random assortment of something, and I use it often. I thought it was normal until I first said it to my students this year and they looked at me as if I had multiple heads. Have you heard various and sundry? It's one of my favorite phrases. Your challenge for the week: use various and sundry in a conversation this week. And...GO!

Have you used it yet? How 'bout now?

*I went to the farmers market today for the first time this season. I spent $20 and came away with a bounty:

{I inexplicably left out my onion, cabbage, and new potatoes. They were sitting on the counter inside, feeling dejected.}

{I love a good speckled egg.}

There was a group of dulcimer players providing shopping tunes. I so admire people with musical talent, especially people who can play instruments that are a bit out of the ordinary. They were playing old hymns and were quite popular. I talked to one elderly man who wasn't planning to buy anything, but he saw the group playing and decided to stop and listen for a while. He said his mother used to play the dulcimer and it made him think of her. {Heartstrings tugged.}

*I heard this on one of my XM country stations this afternoon and wanted to scrub my ears out with bleach, just to rid myself of the sounds. I wanted to invent a time machine and go back to the happy, peaceful time before I heard this song. What. The. Heck. I refuse to embed the official video because it features greased-up, short-short-wearing, redneck girls dancing on poles. Not kidding, and I don't want that mess on my blog. Take a listen, and then pass the ear bleach.

*History nerd alert...Did you remember what today was? Read up. It's worth remembering. This is also worth a click.

*I went to the eye doctor this morning to pick up my new contacts. I've been wearing my new contacts all day, and now feel as if they are superglued to my eyeballs. On the uncomfortable scale, I'm sittin' at a 14. I have a love-hate-hate-hate-hate relationship with contacts.

*I want so desperately to have a green thumb. Nearly everyone in my family does, my mama especially. I have a desert rose that a student gave to me at the end of my first year of teaching. Four years later, it's still alive. {Insert enthusiastic fist pump here.} It's only flowered once, when she gave it to me, and I thought it's just been dying really, really slowly. But this past week, tightly closed pink blooms have appeared. I've checked on my plant multiple times a day, waiting for the blooms to open. My patience was rewarded this morning; two of the blooms were waiting to greet me!


{today...sweet, flowery victory!}

Happy new week, yall!


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

    I've been down on time for visiting all my friends blogs due to school so I need to catch up!!

    Those pictures are Gorgeous!!! I immediately looked at them and had to scroll back up to read about them! haha

    I went to north alabama this past weekend to visit my sister and we went to the collinsville trade day and that band kind of reminded me of it! :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Julie, your pictures are lovely and I would say that you are really enjoying your time off. So, what yummy dishes are you going to create with all your goodies? No doubt, various and sundry yummy eats for sure!
    I sure would have loved to be there to hear that lovely music...what fun!
    Can't wait to see what other various and sundry topics you post about this week.

  3. Molly, thanks for the kind words :) Are you going to blog about your trade day adventure? Hope you're having a great week, too!


  4. Annesta, TWO points for you! I should've known you'd be able to come up with various and sundry ways to incorporate the phrase of the week into your life :) I made a delightful salad with some of my veggies today, and I'll share the dressing recipe good! I'm waiting for some blog-worthy ideas to pop into my head this week. I'll sure report back if they do :)

    Thanks for being such a faithful reader; you make me smile!


  5. YUM! What colorful! food :)

  6. Leesha, I just love pretty food :) I feel like veggies are easier to eat if they're pretty. I hope you're having a wonderful week!


  7. Such a colorful post! I'm jealous of your camera! And abilities =)

    What market was this? I have always wanted to go to Pepper Place downtown & haven't made it yet..I'll have to put that on my summer to do list, thanks for reminding me ;)

  8. Kristi, thanks for being so sweet :) This is the farmers market in Montevallo. It's behind 1st Baptist Church, every Monday from 3-6. I went again today and was very pleased; they have some really good stuff out there!

    Hope you're having a good week :)



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