Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Smoothie

This is my new favorite thing, and I feel compelled to share it with yall. I first heard of green smoothies last summer and thought, "Spinach? In a smoothie??" I was not sold. Once I tried it, though, I joined the legions of folks who agreed: you really can't taste the spinach. Really! Life got in the way and I forgot about my green smoothie conversion until recently. I'm sold, again.

I've had one every day for over a week and I've discovered something. It's a secret, so you can't tell anybody. Promise?

Eating good food makes you feel good.

Can you believe it?! What a novel thought! I'm glad I could teach you something new today :)

Over spring break, I've had a green smoothie for breakfast or supper every day. It's quick, easy, tasty, and is great fuel for your body. I've had more energy and just overall feel better (aside from this stupid sinus crud) since I've started eating more real, minimally processed food. The addition of Greek yogurt helps to make this filling enough to be a meal.

Here's my "recipe" if you're interested.

Green Smoothie (about 2 servings)
4-5 cups fresh spinach leaves
1-2 cups water
8 oz. plain Greek yogurt
1 ripe banana (to sweeten...honey or agave nectar could surely be substituted) (Use a frozen banana for a thicker, colder smoothie.)
about 1 cup frozen fruit (mix and match whatever you want)
a few ice cubes (if you like the texture on the icy side)

{Yes. This is a lot of spinach. And when you press the button, it magically reduces by about half. Trust me.}

{Ta-da! What a gorgeous shade of green. Make sure to blend your spinach a little longer than you think it needs, unless you want to encounter little spinach chunks in your smoothie.}

{Assemble the rest of your arsenal. I use a banana* so I won't have to add any other sweeteners, and because I really like bananas. Any combination of frozen fruit will work. And be sure to splurge for Greek yogurt! One serving of it has very little sugar, tons of calcium, and nearly half the protein you need in an entire day. Score.}

{Plop everything on top of your spinachy goodness and let it roll!}

{D.O.N.E. Very tasty, very healthy, and I'll say it again: you can't taste the spinach.}

I usually stick this in the freezer for a few minutes before pouring it, just to make it a bit colder.

I say this makes about two servings because it's enough to fill my cup up twice. Depending on how hungry I am, I sometimes drink both servings. It makes a great snack, too. I just save half for later if I'm making it as a snack. Let me know if you try it. I'd love to know what you think!

*Let the record show that I would never, ever ever ever, eat a banana this brown on its own. Egads. Ick. No. I enjoy bananas, but prefer them on the greenish side if I'm just eating them. In a smoothie, though, I've found that really ripe bananas sweeten much better. Food for thought...


  1. I recently bought a juicer...I might have already told you that...but I love it. I know it's not the same as smoothies but I love to juice spinach, kale, cucumbers and an apple. Delicious! I do make smoothies too and enjoy them as well. My blender is not really all that powerful so it's not as good.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your spring break. Enjoy your weekend and soon you will be out for the summer just sewing away each day!!

  2. Annesta, I do remember you writing about your juicer! I think the fact that you put green veggies in your juice confirms that we're meant to be friends :) That's something I never would have thought of doing on my own, but I'm a huge fan!

    We officially got back into our routine today. One of my students told me she's started counting the days until summer break. Little does she know that her teacher is doing the same thing :)

    Thanks for being such a faithful reader, and I hope you have a lovely week!



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