Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekends are my thing

Last Saturday was surely one of the most gorgeous weekends in the entire existence of spring. Surely.

The temperature was in the 70s, quite a nice change from the high 80s we've had lately. (What was up with that, by the way? I was not a fan.)

There was a delightful breeze. The sky was blue. The birds were chirping. The pollen...washed away by the rain we got earlier. Excellent.

I made a trip to the ol' homestead to visit with the fam. Daddy and I worked in the yard, and then we listened to Prairie Home Companion (a Saturday evening staple) on the front porch and I piddled around with my camera. What a perfect day; life is good!

{photo op before weeding...he and Dorothy are obsessed with each other}

{Weeding is more fun if there's a beer involved...or so I'm told.}

{finally fixed the tree face}

{playing like a puppy...haven't seen her move like that in years!}

{I absolutely adore the view from the front porch.}

Blessings to you and yours this weekend, friends! Get out there and live it.


  1. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend. I am betting that that definitely is the way to weed a flower bed! And that view...may I have one please? I would love that. Love the pics of your real life and your home. Pretty perfect I would say!

  2. Great pictures, sweet friend! I do love weekends. My daddy would say (after retired) that retirement ruined his weekends!! He also loved to work in the yard and I loved to work with him. I miss him so much.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Elizabeth, I can't believe I took that view for granted all the years I lived there. I take pictures of the barn and the pastures just about every time I visit now! So peaceful and rural...right up my alley :)

    Thanks for stopping by, friend! I can't wait to follow along on the Johnson family's big Texas adventure!


  4. Annesta, thanks for the reminder to enjoy spending time with my daddy every chance I can :) I really try to...he's great company. I feel the same way about summer break. As much as I truly ADORE having the summer off, when every day is like a weekend, weekends don't carry much weight when you're not working! That's okay, won't find me complaining about time off :)

    Thanks for stopping by, friend! Comments from you never fail to make me smile.



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