Sunday, March 4, 2012

You know what's awesome?

  • glorious, blue-sky, sunny, 60 degree weather
  • knowing you've got family and friends who've got your back no. matter. what.
  • getting your lesson plans done before leaving school on Friday afternoon
  • 10 more schooldays until spring break
  • Bradford pear trees...their white blooms and bright green leaves are my favorite sign that spring is coming

  • insight and clarity, no matter how long it takes to finally get through to you...knowing is a good, good thing
  • a lazy Sunday
  • officially being done making car payments...I felt like I'd gotten a raise when I got paid this month :)
  • a Mudcats marathon
  • a new supper club in the works
  • a delightful Saturday afternoon spent with my Mimi
  • a good new book from the library and two more on hold...oh, how I love the library
  • three fun trips to look forward to in the next few months
  • naps
  • an absolutely delightful chicken noodle soup recipe...I've been working to perfect it for months now, and I'm almost ready to share it with the world...ready yourselves!

What's awesome in your world these days, friends?


  1. Hi J,
    It's so amazing that spring break is right around the cornner. I think it's amazing that we travelled safely to my nephews wediding, had a lazy Sunday and our new baby puppy!

  2. Annesta, that sounds like quite a weekend! I'll have to check your blog for news about your new baby wonderful! Blessings to you this week, and thanks for stopping by :)



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