Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jam. Packed.

Many moons (or a month) ago, I had a killer weekend. We had Bubba's birthday lunch, Grandad took us cemetery hoppin', and we went to see the Blue Angels fly. I meant to post about the weekend right after it happened, but then I left my camera cord at the ol' homestead. And then the cord got lost in the mail. And then I ordered a new one. And then my old one and my new one both arrived in the mail. And then I was grumpy that I'd bought a new one. And then I got busy packing, and then I went away on a road trip for a week.

Life's been a bit busy lately, so the blog has just had to wait. Patience is a virtue, dear blog!

 {Love these two cool kids}

After Bub's birthday lunch, Grandad took Daddy, Cousin Jerry, Cousin Jerry's girlfriend Molly, and me out to China Grove and Pleasant Hill. We're all big family history buffs, so we were sopping up all the info Grandad could throw our way. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon spent with some of my favorite people.

{a "snake stick" is necessary this time of year...FYI, I'm the president of Grandad's fan club}

{love this shot of my dear grandaddy and my dear cousin}

We capped off the weekend at the Tuscaloosa Airshow. We got there early enough to watch lots of other demonstrations, and we had a blast. The highlight, of course, was the Blue Angels. Have you ever seen the Blue Angels fly? Completely thrilling and mind-boggling Watching planes fly directly at each other at 800 mph, flying within inches of each other, and performing such incredible tricks is truly an experience. Do yourself a favor and go see them if you ever have a chance!

{The pilot of the #6 jet is an Alabama native. Woohoo!}

{loved this shot}

Enjoy your weekend, friends! Get out there and live it.


  1. Hey J,
    That cake looks yummy. I'm feeling motivated to bake one myself.
    I love that ou have such a good relationship with your will look back on these adventures and cherish each and every memory. I hope you are writting down or better yet, videoing the history that your grandaddy is imparting to you. It's important.
    Hope your living lots of fun this weekend.

  2. What fun! I love how much you love your granddaddy and how you are soaking in all he has to offer...that is priceless.

    Great shots of the airshow too!

  3. Annesta, my grandmother Mimi baked that one. It had a pretty checkerboard pattern (chocolate and vanilla) inside. If you bake something, you best share it on your blog! :)

    I've been writing down many of the things Grandad tells me, but I need to get better about taking videos. Must get on that next time I see him...thanks for the reminder :) I am more and more aware of how precious these times are, and I'm determined to enjoy them!

    I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, friend. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Elizabeth, I always enjoy the posts you do about your grandparents, so I figured I'd get in one of my own :) We are blessed to still have them in our lives!

    You and David should absolutely take Owen to an airshow in a few years when he'd be old enough to understand it. I bet he would be in awe!

    Thanks for stopping by, friend, and I hope the move is shaping up nicely!



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