Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The time we saved a goose

Our little "walking club" gets together after school to walk at a nearby park. The park is a lovely place, with a pond and an assortment of critters swimming around. The fish, turtles, frogs, and ducks are fine by me. In fact, I enjoy them. The geese, though? All 416,000 of them that call the park home? The ones that poop all over the place? And hiss at you? And snap at you if you get too close? Not a fan. This video perfectly illustrates why I don't like the geese at the park:

Yesterday, we saw a man holding one end of an incredibly long piece of fishing line. He explained to us that the other end was attached to a goose in the water. The line had gotten wrapped around his little foot, and the man was trying to help free it. The goose wanted no part and swam off, so the man had to give up. Fast forward to 20 minutes later. A whole posse of geese crossed the track right in front of us, and we noticed that one of them looked really strange, very agitated. Eagle Eye Teri saw that the goose had a (very, very long) piece of fishing line wrapped around its foot. It was the same one...what are the odds?

I was very sad for him because I thought of the unhappy life a goose would lead with yards of fishing line wrapped around his leg. We grabbed onto the line and got our keys ready to try to cut it. It was kind of like walking a dog on a leash. Except, it was a goose...on a fishing line...who really, REALLY did not want to be walked. He turned around to give us the stink eye a few times. Before we could start cutting, he flew away very abruptly. We were disappointed until we realized...we were still holding the fishing line! The entire thing broke right off his foot when he flew off. He honked just a bit as he flew away, and while I'm not fluent in Goose, I imagine his victory cry was similar to...

To top it off, we also saved a teeny, tiny, absolute miniscule little frog (also spotted by Eagle Eye Teri) from being squished on the track. Bless his heart, he was so little he must've just graduated from being a tadpole the day before. I hope he stays where he belongs (not where the big tall people get their laps in) and lives a happy, healthy, croaky life.

I'm thinking that we should form some sort of superteam and hire ourselves out to help animals in need. In the meantime, I'll be waiting by my mailbox for my thank you note from the goose. Looking back at the first video, I'm guessing that thank you note won't ever make it. Dumb ol' goose.


  1. What a crazy story! That goose is lucky y'all have such good hearts. David's dad is not a fan of the geese at his pond.

    Also, wanted to thank you for reading my silly little blog and leaving such kind comments. I really appreciate them. I am a words of affirmation you are speaking to my heart : )

    Thanks J for sharing your adventures with us. Always enjoy reading them!

  2. Elizabeth, I'm glad to know there's someone else out there who isn't a goose fan. I love most animals, but don't care much for the in-your-face aggressive ones.

    I'm a words of affirmation girl, too! I completely understand how happy kind words can make you :) I love keeping up with yall's life and I'm excited to "go along" on this new adventure with you!

    Thanks for reading and commenting, friend!



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