Friday, June 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I wish I had a great story to explain why Thankful Thursday comes on Friday this week but...I don't. If you were unable to sleep last night due to the lack of a Thankful Thursday post, my apologies!

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord and the fact that He never, ever gives up on me
  • my family and friends
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • Uncle Robert being released from the hospital...that man is tough as nails
  • having a great job to return to in August
  • a job that provides me with a summer break
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clean running water, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, money in the bank, a car that gets great gas mileage, a brain that functions well, strong arms and legs that do everything they need to, the ability to read
  • a return trip to Tunica with excited!
  • the library
  • a great orientation yesterday...I've decided to become an adult literacy tutor, and I'm looking forward to it more than ever after going to the orientation
  • getting to make a trip to Troy on Tuesday to visit with Kira, Oliver, and Elizabeth, and to meet little Charlie...caring for a two year old and a newborn is no joke, folks!...Kira and Oliver are doing a wonderful job
  • green smoothies
  • chirpy birds and crickets
  • a fabulous new job opportunity for Sasha...we've been working together for half a decade so it will be very weird to not have her right across the hall, but I'm thrilled for her!
  • a lovely walk this morning
  • some really, really unseasonably nice weather lately...I don't remember the last time it was this breezy and nice in June, but I sure am enjoying every moment of it
  • a chance to see my fifth grade coworkers at our training next week
  • the news that Neeley is moving back to Alabama!!
  • farmers markets
  • the Chilton County peaches purchased at said farmers markets...they are so drippy and juicy that they require a moment of silence while eating just to enjoy their deliciousness
  • the pickled okra Daddy helped me make last weekend...yum
  • Friends reruns on TV...I can't believe I'd forgotten how awesome that show is
  • nicknames...I just love a good nickname...JJ is my personal favorite :)
  • sunscreen
  • my silly little blog and the sweet friends who read/comment regularly...yall make me smile!



  1. Yay for meeting baby Charlie! Kira is superwoman, I have no doubt. How neat you will be an adult literacy tutor! Sounds like a great opportunity! I hear the weather in Alabama has been awesome lately. Happy weekend friend!

  2. Elizabeth, she sure is! She makes it look easy, too. We have such an awesome friend! I'm very excited about this tutoring opportunity, although I'm a bit nervous. I imagine that teaching an adult is pretty different from teaching kids. I have to go to two training sessions, though, so hopefully that will take care of my nerves :) And YES, the weather has been incredible! Still warm, but not at all normal for this time of year. I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope yall enjoy this weekend in your new home!



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