Friday, July 13, 2012

A hodgepodge

Life has been really, really, super busy these days. I've been having the time of my life, but I'm not sad that I've got some wide-open, unscheduled days coming up. I love going and doing, but I also occasionally love not going anywhere and not doing anything!

*I finished my first jury duty adventure this week. My goal going in was to be the least desirable jury candidate ever, and I wasn't picked for a jury, so I consider that a success! I got called to go to a courtroom for jury selection on the first day and after sitting on a rock hard bench for a mind-numbing three hours, was among the 40 jury candidates not chosen. That was fine with me because the case was super boring. The next two days were spent sitting and waiting...and sitting...and waiting. I was in the group called to go to a criminal case Wednesday, but the defendant never showed up. He got a free trip to jail, and we got to go home :)

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. If you've never served and one day get called, here's some advice. Bring a book (and a newspaper...and a magazine...and another book...and maybe a deck of cards or even Twister, to liven things up a bit). You will spend most (or maybe even all) of your time sitting and waiting. Along with a big bag of stuff to keep you busy, bring your patience. You'll need it, especially when the woman behind you talks on her cell phone for two hours without ceasing and then breathes her nasty peanut butter cracker breath over your shoulder. You'll really need your patience then.

*Have you watched Downton Abbey? I've heard lots of people talking about how great it is, so after being on the waiting list at the library for two months, I finally got my turn. It. Was. Awesome. I watched the entire first season in one day. I'm completely hooked and I dare say that you will be, too. I'm now #48 on the waiting list for Season 2, and I'm hoping that the 47 people in front of me watch it reallyreallyreally fast so that I can have my turn!

*I'm very excited about the Olympics. The opening ceremony is two weeks from today! I'm also really proud that my beloved alma mater, Auburn University, is sending 24 Olympians to London. It truly is great to be an Auburn Tiger!

*I've gotten kinda off track with my Whole30 this week. I didn't really set myself up for success with jury duty being this week. This plan is really tough to carry out while you're "on the go". Plus, there are only a few  food places near the courthouse downtown, and they're all sandwich/hamburger/hot dog kinda places. Not conducive to the Whole30! Bleh. So...I'm making myself restart my journey. I'm hoping that since I can be closer to home over the next few weeks, I'll be more successful. Think happy thoughts for me, and I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Loved reading your hodge podge!
    I have served on a jury and you are right on!
    I love,love,love Downton Abby!! Can't wait for the new season to start.
    Happy Friday !!

  2. Annesta, thanks for stopping by this morning! I'm glad to find out that you're a Downton Abbey fan as well. I'm so ready to get my hands on Season 2 and then for Season 3 to start! I'm hoping to get caught up on my blog reading, including yours, this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  3. glad you have been having the time of your life! even with jury duty.

    downton abbey - LOVE!

    be sure and report back about whole 30. i'd love to hear your thoughts.

  4. Sarah Barry, I can't believe I haven't watched Downton Abbey before now. I'm definitely hooked! I just posted about my first two days on the Whole30. It hasn't been a breeze, but I'm sticking with it! I'm going to try to write every couple of days about how it's going.

    Thanks for stopping by, friend! Happy new week!



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