Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whole30 : Day 1 and Day 2

After a few missteps earlier this week, I am officially, completely 100% on board my Whole30 adventure. I want to keep track of my adventure here as a record for myself (and in case anybody else is interested). I have jumped in cold turkey and I haven't cheated so far!

Day 1 (July 14th):

  • breakfast -- green smoothie (water, spinach, flax seeds, frozen mango chunks, one frozen banana, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches)
  • lunch -- scrambled eggs with sauteed bell pepper and onion, one banana
  • snack -- walnuts
  • supper -- taco meat with salad, homemade red wine vinegar dressing (via my favorite master chef, aka DennyJ)
Overall, this day was easy. I felt motivated and was excited to make it through the whole day without a single cheat. Yay!

Day 2 (July 15th):
  • breakfast -- green smoothie (exact same as yesterday)
  • lunch --  Egg Bake (one dozen eggs, one chopped red bell pepper, one container baby 'bella mushrooms, one chopped red onion, several handfuls spinach...adapted from
  • snack -- walnuts, frozen cherries (thawed a bit)
  • supper -- grilled chicken with salad, balsamic vinegar reduction (Pour some balsamic in a pot and simmer it until it thickens...10 minutes or so. Easy and SO good.)
Today was not too bad, but a little less rosy than yesterday. I've had a dull headache all day, but I don't know if it's due to the "detox effect" or if it's just a headache. It hasn't been bad enough to take medicine, though. I definitely hit an afternoon slump today. I didn't realize how much I'd come to depend on a carb boost to carry me from lunch to supper. I ate some slightly thawed frozen cherries and walnuts, and that helped get me to supper time, but was still not what I really wanted :)

I have also learned that planning each day's meals in advance is probably one of the keys to being successful with this. I'm not used to planning a whole week's meals out ahead of time, so that's been an adjustment for me. Not a bad adjustment, but something I'll need to get used to. So far (aside from the "blahs" this afternoon), I'm feeling pretty good!


  1. Can you hear me wildly applauding your success? Listen carefully because I'm really cheering you on. I'm twice your age and have been fighting the "battle of the bulge" most of my life. I encourage you to keep up your good efforts and to approach this as a great starting place but to transition to healthy eating habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life. When you hit menopause it just gets harder and harder to get that weight off, so the best thing to do is what you are doing right now at your young age.
    I know you can do it and I am pulling for you.
    Blessings and a big hug,

  2. Yay! I needed much (muchmuchmuchmuch) encouragement today, dear Annesta! You were just the ticket :) I just posted about the rough day I had today, but I just keep reminding myself that this is a good change. It just might not feel like it at the time. Thanks again for your words of wisdom and sweet encouragement. I'll keep reporting back here, so maybe you can get a bit of inspiration! Thanks for being such a faithful reader and friend!



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