Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord
  • my family and friends
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • a body that heals itself, including the big ol' bruise I gave myself when I stupidly whacked my arm on my pencil sharpener yesterday...apparently I should just walk holding my arms over my head to avoid issues like this
  • much success so far on my Whole30 glad I decided to do this
  • summer break, and the fact that I have a great job to return to next month
  • finding out the students in my newest class...I'm praying that this will be an incredible year!
  • lots of progress in my classroom this week
  • a couple of sweet, 11 year old helpers in my classroom yesterday
  • some really fun new plans for my students that I'm very excited about
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clean running water available whenever I want it, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, a dependable and paid-off car, enough money to cover my needs
  • vitamins
  • sunscreen...this pasty white girl would be lost without it!
  • my Brita pitcher
  • Pandora
  • my dishwasher, which has seen much more action because of my Whole30
  • my blender, which still does a great job despite the daily abuse I put it through
  • trips to the library
  • farmers markets and Chilton County peaches
  • some much-needed, glorious rain last week
  • FriendshipFest'12 coming up soon...can't wait for a weekend with my college girls :)
  • one last trip to look forward to...excited for an adventure with my Mimi and my Sarah
  • getting to preview Bub and Olivia's engagement pictures the other day...the pictures are BEAUTIFUL and I'm excited to see the rest of them
  • the new texting while driving law that goes into effect in our fair state next's about time
  • finding something fun in my mailbox yesterday...such a nice change from the endless parade of junk mail!
  • the opening ceremony of the Olympics TOMORROW!! I get so excited about the Olympics :)
  • the fact that I have sight, my hearing, my sense of taste, my sense of smell
  • a brain that functions like it's designed to
  • my ability to read
  • my arms, hands, legs, and feet that allow me to do what I need to do each day
  • the certificate I got in the mail yesterday...I'm officially a literacy tutor for adults!
  • an opportunity next week to meet and work with a potential learner...I've never taught adults before so I'm pretty nervous, but I'm excited for the opportunity!
  • payday coming soooooooon
  • plans to celebrate my birthday with my family this weekend...they're pretty awesome



  1. So enjoy your Thankful Thursday blog !!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday Julie Bug :-)

    Love you lots
    Kathy Bugg

  2. Mama Kathy!!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for your sweet comment, and thank you for the birthday wishes :) I miss yall VERY much and am hoping to visit at least once during football season. We'll have to talk details later. Love you back! --Julie Bug

  3. Elizabeth, thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm absolutely on pins and needles for Owen's tractor birthday party to get here. I'm so excited to see pictures!!



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