Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I can barely put into words how much has happened over the last two weeks, but I'll try. Spring break. Pack. Clean. Throw away. Pack. Clean. Throw away. Pack. Pack. Pack. 10 hour road trip in one day. Pack. Pack. Throw away. B's birthday bonanza. Pack. Move. Unpack. Sort. Unpack. Back to work.

I've moved, and I just LOVE my new home. Love, love, LOVE it! The time had come for me to part ways with my sweet little 550 square foot apartment. Although I have some very sweet memories of my 5.5 years spent there, I do not even sorta regret leaving. My new place is so pretty. And 300 square feet bigger. And everything in it works. And boy, it's pretty...although I may have already mentioned that :)

My new goal is to live life with way, WAY less stuff than I had in my old apartment. I'm pretty sure it's against the laws of...physics? nature? common sense? cram that much stuff into 550 square feet. I was beyond embarrassed that I was able to give away 135 articles of clothing and 13 pairs of shoes. I lost count of how many bags of junk I hauled up to the dumpster. Yikes. Between now and the end of summer, my plan is to go through every item I currently possess and decide if it deserves to live here with me. I'm very excited about simplifying my life and am sharing here so that anybody who reads this will be able to hold me accountable. I'm serious...stay on me about it!

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord and some great opportunities for reflection this Holy Week
  • my sweet, wonderful B...he tells me very often how beautiful, funny, and talented he thinks I am, and I don't think he has any idea how happy that makes me!
  • my family and friends
  • the chance to celebrate my sweet Bubba's birthday on Tuesday...LOVE get-togethers with the fam. Happy birthday, Bub!
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • the chance to celebrate Easter this weekend with most of my favorite people
  • a fun birthday celebration for B at Firebirds with Angie and her JJ...the food and company were both delightful
  • my job, my darling schoolbabies, my coworkers, my paycheck
  • payday right around the corner
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clean running water, clothes in my closet, shoes on my feet, vitamins, allergy medicine, electricity, internet, my phone, a dependable car, a salary that provides for my needs
  • the 5.5 years I had a washer and dryer provided for me...I'm now saving to buy my own and am realizing how thankful I should've been when I had a washer and dryer at my disposal!
  • the gorgeous cherry tree right outside my new living room windows
  • my Brita pitcher
  • great new lotion
  • patience and deep breaths
  • a mama who never makes me feel guilty when I vent to her
  • a daddy who remembers to fix me chicken when the rest of the family feasts on something disgusting (like shrimp)
  • two sweet grandparents who just dote on their you, Mimi and Grandad!
  • starting to feel settled in my new casa
  • good sleep
  • contentment
  • the weekend!
  • a trip to Virginia and D.C. that will be here in less than a month
  • a really fun date night with B yesterday...pork & grits and sangria at Jim 'N Nick's (way, way yum), lots and lots and lots of laughs...that fella is good for me
  • fun plans over the next few weeks
  • Pepper Place market opening up excited!
  • the unseasonably, unnecessarily cold weather we've had this week, because it'll make me appreciate warmer weather even more
  • fun mail
  • a life filled with loved ones and opportunities


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  1. I am thankful you know Spanish! I knew we were meant- to-be. :)


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