Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord and the countless blessings in my life
  • my sweet, handsome, hilarious, level-headed, patient boyfriend who compliments my cooking and tells me I'm beautiful...he's absolutely the best boyfriend in the world!
  • my lovely family and friends
  • a roof over my head, clean running water, food in my fridge, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, a very dependable car, my dishwasher, all the appliances and gadgets and doodads that make my life easier and more convenient
  • my job, my coworkers, and summer break
  • getting to find out tomorrow who my new schoolbabies are...I'm praying already that I'll be a blessing to them this school year
  • enough money to cover my needs and occasionally, my wants
  • the fact that my very first root canal will be OVER in a few hours
  • dental procedures that allow you to keep your teeth and keep them healthy
  • a precious boyfriend who volunteered to sit with me during my root canal because he knows how nervous I am
  • incredible dental insurance that is allowing me to get a root canal and a crown for less than $300...looks like I can pay for all this AND still get my washer and dryer...woohoo!
  • my resolve to pay for my washer and dryer outright with no installments and without taking money from took longer than I'd planned but I'm happy that I stuck it out
  • plans to squeeze the last bit of fun out of 27 before I turn 28 in two weeks
  • a fun cooking class to go to next week
  • a visit from Mom the other day
  • a clean, tidy little home that's finally starting to look all pulled together
  • happy memories
  • patience
  • cloudy days...apparently this is our new normal, so I might as well be thankful for it!
  • being literate, my weekly tutoring sessions, and a book that's proven to be pretty entertaining
  • FriendshipFest coming up soon...excited to be reunited with my friends and enjoy some time at the lake!
  • plans to visit with Laura this afternoon...I've been missing her
  • plans to see Kira and her babes tomorrow...such a sweet little family
  • fun plans for this fall...Mumford & Sons (!) in September, the Lumineers in October, and Alton Brown in November...I love having things to look forward to
  • contentment

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